Shop our Guaranteed High Quality Sarms for Sale at Sarms UP |

Shop our Guaranteed High Quality Sarms for Sale at Sarms UP |

What is SARMs?

SARMs is short for "Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators," which is a new class of anabolic drug that enhances muscle growth, fat loss, and recovery in users. According to the FDA, SARMs show incredible promise as a new treatment for muscle wasting diseases.

 How Do You Take SARMs?

Generally speaking, SARMs are sold in one of three forms: liquid, capsule, or powder. Here at Sarms Up all our products are in capsule forms and are ingested orally, although your dosage will vary depending on which SARMs you're taking, what your goals are, and what your dosages are for the length of your cycle.

How Do SARMs Work in the Body

SARMs work by binding to androgen receptors in your skeletal muscles, shortly after ingestion. They begin working very quickly, and have a short half life of roughly 12-36 hours (depending on the SARM). Once they have bound to androgen receptors, they signal your body to build muscle and shred fat.

Are SARMs Actually Safe?

At Sarms UP our selection of sarms are class of therapeutic compounds with 99% purity in all our products. Sarms have a significant roles in the fitness community and more so play a critical role in the treatment and management of diseases associated with loss of both muscle mass and bone density.

Studies have shown that SARMs are very well tolerated by most individuals, and are generally considered to be safe. In fact, the FDA is currently testing several different SARMs as a potential treatment for those suffering from muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and other diseases.

Do SARMs Have Any Side Effects?

Most users tolerate SARMs very well according to clinical research, however there are some potential side effects to be aware of. Some SARMs can cause decreased testosterone, increased cholesterol, and increased estrogen in users when taken improperly.

SARMs are not the same as an anabolic steroid. Steroids tend to cause many side effects that are considered pretty nasty. However, in terms of SARMs, these side effects are relatively non-existent or tend to be the lesser of the side effects associated with steroids. This has to do with their natural abilities once they enter your body. That is to say they are more selective in nature as opposed to steroids. This is why so many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use SARMs for cutting instead of steroids.

To maximize the physical benefits of SARMs, proper nutrition and intense training are optimal. Strength gains can be seen in as little as 2 weeks. Body composition changes can be noticed in 2-3 weeks depending on the individual’s diet & training.

The most effective SARMs cycles are done over a period of 60-90 days, for most fitness goals. This is because SARMs need about 2 weeks to fully kick in, and studies show that the body begins to adapt after about 90 days. Therefore, cycling off for a period of about 3-4 weeks is the typical procedure in the sport & fitness community.

SARMs increase muscular size by causing an increase in lean muscle mass. Studies show that they increase muscular mass over 12 weeks (Dubois et al, 2015). The results depend on that the SARM and the dose. Studies also show they can boost sex drive as well as testosterone without that the steroid-like side effects.


SARMs are widely known to be effective at helping build muscle, strength, mass, and endurance whilst also helping you lose body fat. As with any drug or compound, be sensible and smart about how you use SARMs.

Always check out the recommended dose and always start low. Not only does this give you somewhere to go (if you start high, you leave yourself with nowhere to progress) but it also means you can assess the results at low doses.

At lower dosages, you may be able to avoid the need for any post cycle therapy for sarms (PCT). Be smart with your SARMs cycle and see what amazing benefits you still get from SARMs.

Each SARMs cycle is different, with various types of delivery methods, as well as varying concentrations and strengths so if you have any questions drop us a line.