• Increased Muscle Mass.
  • Rapid Muscle Growth.
  • Accelerated Fat Loss.
  • Prevent Muscle Wasting.
  • Accelerates Metabolic Functions.
  • Improves Physical Endurance.

S23 is gaining popularity as one of the most potent SARMs availabl...

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  • Increased Muscle Mass.
  • Rapid Muscle Growth.
  • Accelerated Fat Loss.
  • Prevent Muscle Wasting.
  • Accelerates Metabolic Functions.
  • Improves Physical Endurance.

S23 is gaining popularity as one of the most potent SARMs available, offering benefits such as improved bone density, increased muscle mass, and potential assistance for females experiencing a decrease in sex drive. Available in 10mg capsule form, you can acquire S23 from SarmsUP to explore its remarkable attributes further.

SarmsUP proudly produces S-23, offering the highest quality and potency in the market. In animal research studies, S-23 exhibited a notable half-life of 11.9 hours, with an impressive 96% absorption rate. The peak levels were observed approximately four hours after SARM administration. S-23 functions by binding to androgen receptors' proteins, activating muscle-building processes within the body. While human studies are currently unavailable, a study involving rats revealed S-23's capability to prevent muscle loss through glucocorticoid receptors.

All products featured on our site are strictly for research purposes and are not intended for human consumption.

Key Details

  • Application: Binds to androgen receptors
  • CAS: 1010396-29-8
  • Molecular Weight: 416.76g/mol
  • Chemical Formula: C18H13ClF4N2O3
  • Chemical Name: (S)-N-(4-Cyano-3-Trifluoromethyl-Phenyl)-3-(3-Fluoro, 4-Chlorophenoxy)-2-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-Propanamide
  • Synonyms: 1010396-29-8, CCTH-methylpropionamide, UNII-XDK89456WM, CHEMBL512283
  • Storage: Minimize open air exposure, store in a cool dry place.
  • Stability: 2 years
  • Purity: 98%
  • Solubility: Soluble in ethanol at a rate of 10mg/ml
  • Organoleptic Profile: Slightly yellow, crystalline powder.
  • Physical Form: Fine powder in vegan capsule
  • Specifications: 10mg/capsule
  • Container: 60 S-23 capsules

Please note that all the products we offer are intended solely for laboratory research use.

What You Should Know About S-23

S23 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that stands out for its enhanced binding to androgen receptors compared to other compounds like Andarine. Developed by pharmaceutical company GTx, Inc., S23 targets bone and muscle tissue, displaying potent effects due to its robust connection with androgen receptors.

Benefits of S23

Benefits of S23 With a study done on rats, it was shown to drop the average body weight and fat mass of the study subjects. In addition to this, estrogen was given to the rats as a way to promote lovemaking. In doing this, muscle mass was lost. still, the SARM in turn was suitable to stamp the goods of the estrogen and produced further spare muscle mass in the rats. The benefits of fat drop are cure dependent. generally, the advanced the cure, the better the results. Another study revolved around glucocorticoid. These are receptors that transmit signals for effects like cortisol. For those rats, S23 was suitable to help muscle loss because of glucocorticoid. Of course, it’s not each about muscle as bones can be affected too. Of course, this is generally in a positive manner. In other beast studies, it increased bone mineral viscosity like numerous other SARMs do. commodity to suppose about is that this particular SARM is being delved as a manly birth control option. But do n’t worry, this does n’t mean that you'll completely lose your capability to have children. In fact, it works much in the same way the womanish birth control lozenge works. It reduces hormones similar as LH and FSH. This by dereliction suppresses sperm product. The rest is enough tone- explicatory. Once you discontinue use, your hormone situations generally return to normal and you're good to go. A final benefit is the eventuality for S-23 to increase sexual desire in women. In a study with womanish postmenopausal rats, it increased sexual desire and maintained the size of the womanish rat’s uterus and uterine filling.

S-23 Side Effects

While side effects are still being determined, common ones may include night sweats, cramping, increased aggression, acne, and possible hair loss.

S-23 Dosage

For bodybuilders aiming for higher gains, dosages typically range between 10mg and 30mg. Dosages should start on the lower end and be increased gradually, with cycles lasting up to 12 weeks.

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The S-23 listed on this site is sold for research use only and is not intended for human consumption. It is not a drug, supplement, food, or cosmetic, and must not be misused, sold, labeled, or branded as such.